Discovering sophrology in the vineyards

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Discover sophrology in the vineyards in a VW Combi and taste the wines of the Domaine.

Frédéric will drive you in a VW Combi to a magical and relaxing place, where Andréa will introduce you to sophrology.

Sophrology is a gentle and quick method, which, through breathing exercises, relaxation and visualisation, allows you to get to know yourself better, to draw on your resources and to better manage your emotions.

In the heart of the vineyards, sophrology offers you a suspended parenthesis to live in the present moment, to find powerful and soothing anchors that will generate positive consequences in a conscious or unconscious way in your life!


Then, Frédéric will introduce you to 3 wines of the Domaine in the middle of this heavenly landscape.

Duration of the walk: 1h30

Andréa Blanc-

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