Discover the Access Bars in the vineyards for 2 people

100,00 ttc



Discover sophrology in the vineyards in a VW Combi and taste the Domaine’s wines.

Andréa will introduce you to Access Bars®, in the Combi,

While Fred introduces your fellow experiencer to 3 wines of the Domaine.

Access Bars is an innovative method of releasing perspective by placing fingers on the head.

32 cranial points, forming 16 energetic “Bars”, each linked to a specific area of life. These bars are the storage place for the energetic imprint of our beliefs, judgements, emotions, conceptions… linked to these domains, all that the mind uses to trigger our responses and reactions, keeping us in a quasi-automatic and often limiting functioning.

The activation of these bars brings about INTENSE RELAXATION, a feeling of letting go and will allow the release of accumulated memories, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, judgements… This will act as a real spring cleaning, creating space, leaving room for an infinite number of possibilities, for intuition and having positive repercussions on our psycho-emotional and/or physical well-being.

At the end of the session, one generally feels a great calm, the mind is calmed. In the medium and long term, we notice an action on stress, an improvement of sleep, a new openness of mind, an access to more consciousness…

Duration of the walk: 1h30

Andréa Blanc-